Performance Upgrade Kits

      Upgrade to the Latest Technology and Performance

      If you want to upgrade your performance or technology, but aren’t ready to invest in new John Deere equipment, a Performance Upgrade Kit may be for you. Learn more about how you can have the latest in John Deere technology and performance, even if you don’t have the latest John Deere equipment.

      retro kit

      Upgrade Your Planter Performance

      Improve your seed placement, spacing and emergence by pairing your planter with the best row unit to meet your needs.

      Sow the Seeds of Performance Improvement

      Improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and get uniform emergence by upgrading to a ProSeries™ Opener.

      4 series Sprayer spraying

      Improve Precision on Your Sprayers

      Make every drop count by adding an ExactApply™ Performance Upgrade Kit on eligible 4 Series Sprayers.

      Make Easy Field Prep Adjustments

      Spend more time tilling and less time making manual adjustments when you add a TruSet™ Tillage Technology Performance Upgrade Kit to your field prep tools.

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